About Me & My Goals

As some of you may already know, I have been working hard over the last 18 months to bring life to a long standing dream of mine. Now the time has come for me to open my dream up to the world.

I have been busy gathering stock and handcrafting items for sale to my spiritual tribe. On January 21st 2021 now have my "Online Only Store" "Grey Witch Crystals" up and running and ready for everyone to choose their next items to fall in love with. Apologies but currently there are no retail premises or showrooms but this is hopefully something that may happen in the future which is dependant on health and spinal injuries for which I am waiting on round 2 of surgery due to a new area of my spine developing similar but considerably worse symptoms. This has slowed the pace of my new handmade items but it is business as usual for all other beautiful products as well with a multitude of items "Handmade With Love" I already have in stock from my works to date.

I also want to share my journey with certain other talented local artists. As the name implies I sell witchy items (which will expand as the business grows) and crystals (because hey, who doesn't love Mother Nature’s own treasures).

I want my business to not only support myself and other local artists but to help those who like myself suffer with psychological afflictions such as chronic anxiety and PTSD, giving them a platform on which to showcase their skills and services. My primary choice of charities (but not limited to) is the Black Dog Institute which you are most welcome to donate by clicking on the following Make a Donation to Black Dog Institute link to their website,

100% Will Go To The Charity and You Will Also Receive a Tax Receipt which is precisely what Grey Witch Crystals do (and as we become more experienced with some of the online options for raising funds for charities) there may be events held by GWC where once again ALL proceeds will go to Black Dog Institute.


And a big thank you goes out to my son,
Jesse Ray Mills

My Mum,
Patricia Hancock

And My Rock,
Blaine Hughes

Who have patiently stood by and supported me as I've made Grey Witch Crystals a reality.


Items are Handmade With Love

From My Sacred Space to Yours, Nikki @ GWC



Final Words & Additional Info...


Hello There GWC Followers.

Just to let you know that when possible, I will price multiples of crystal items at the same price. I work out a minimum price that is satisfactory for GWC and price them all at this rate (with some exceptions taken into account) so that you, my customers can benefit from fair pricing, because what's better than treating yourself or a loved one to a treasure that doesn't break your bank account.

This is why you will see multiple crystals at one standard cost. This way we can all share the love.