Ⓘ COVID-19 Update

The Perth, Peel and South West regions are now out of lockdown but the Grey Witch Crystals online store and stock storage facility in Fremantle is still enforcing safe practices for our Valued Customers which were being carried out prior to this latest lockdown anyway so we remain forever vigilant.

The WA State Government has advised that some restrictions will remain in place during the transition out of lockdown – with updates expected on these conditions Sunday 14th February 2021.

We ask that when you attend shops or are out in public in Perth during this period that you follow all COVID-19 protocols outlined by the WA Government including mandatory mask-wearing, checking in on the contact register, using hand sanitiser and practicing social distancing. We need people to look after one another in this difficult time and wish nothing but good health to one and all.

Thank you so much.

Take Care All.